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Happy Bowser Day 2014!
August 4, 2014

Happy Bowser Day 2014 to all of you Koopaholics out there! This was a great idea started a few years ago in which every August 4th (8-4) is dedicated to celebrating everything Bowser! World 8-4 in the original Super Mario Bros. is of course where the real King Bowser Koopa first revealed himself to the world. So show your appreciation for the Koopa King by playing a Mario game, drawing him, writing fanart, or anything else Bowser-related you can think of!

My favourite part of Bowser Day is actually seeing all the great new fanart made of him. I still do not have a "Bowser Fanart" section for The Bowser Shrine yet. It was a planned section when I first started off this ambitious project. Back around 2006, there didn't seem to be such a wealth of social media services out there like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc that exists today. Now it's very easy to make fan groups and share your ideas with like-minded people. Existing art services like DeviantArt also grew and improved, and now a search for "bowser" yields an overwhelming 88,000 results! It almost seems like having my own section of fanart hosted here would be redundant and unnecessary with that much Bowser art readily available.

All of this actually pleases me quite a bit. One huge goal of The Bowser Shrine from the beginning was to increase Bowser's popularity, or at least showcase this fantastic character to those who may not have discovered him yet or wished to know more about him. Nintendo's uncanny ability to maintain their popularity through multiple generations with their delightful characters and franchises seemingly does that job for me however. Perhaps Bowser was always much more popular than I had originally thought all along.

Apologies for letting time get away from me again, as it has been months since I last checked in. It's really amazing how fast it flies by. Again the cause for this is mainly general life busy-ness. I still have a ton of SSB4 news and updates to catch up on. I also unfortunately don't have an update for today either; I was distracted by all the new Bowser art! =)

Anyways, enjoy the rest of Bowser Day! Today was actually a national holiday in Canada, so it honestly felt like a government-mandated day off to spend on this joyous occasion! Speaking of Canada, our national date standard is actually DD-MM instead of MM-DD in the American system. Does that actually mean that there can be a 2nd Bowser Day in Canada every April 8th? Pretty please? =p

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