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Happy Bowser Day 2015!
August 4, 2015

Happy Bowser Day 2015 to all of you Koopaholics out there! Today is August 4th, or 8-4, which is the first time you faced the real Bowser in World 8-4 in the original Super Mario Bros.! Show your appreciation for the King of all Koopas by playing a Mario game, drawing him, writing fanart, or spending a whole bunch of money like I just did at my local Game City recently...

These door-sized posters are 36" x 24" if you can believe that! They are huge! The Bowser plush is 13" tall as well, and looks so awesome!

Just a quick update on Bowser Day! I've been working on a proper update for the past few weeks, and have probably put about 10 hours into it so far. *SPOILER* I'm getting caught up on every official SSB4 image that has been released to date (in the highest resolution of course!)

Until then, I'm going to enjoy all the wonderful new fanart that comes out on this day!

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