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Mario Party 10 Releases!
March 20, 2015

Is this really my first update of 2015? In fact, the first quarter of 2015 is nearly over, yet I still catch myself writing 2014 sometimes when writing out dates! Wow does time ever go by fast for me! If only this perception of time occurred for me like this while I was agonizingly waiting for the next Mario game to release, once-upon-a-time!

As I'm sure you already know, Mario Party 10 released in North America today. It's hard to believe Nintendo has pumped out ten different iterations of this game, and managed to keep it fresh each time. MP10 has a special "Bowser Party" mode, in which a fifth player can control Bowser using the Wii U GamePad. This is a really cool idea that should have come out a long time ago in my opinion! Honestly the reason why I usually skipped over most Mario Party titles (and just downloaded the cool Bowser renders of course) was the inability to play as my favourite character! Whenever I would play, he would usually just steal my stars and stuff and cheat me out of victory at the last possible moment. Despite this, I never loved the rascal any less!

Despite SSB4 having been out for 4 months now, amazingly I have not played it at all in 2015 yet. Actually, I haven't even turned on my Wii U this year yet! It once started making these awful grinding noises in the middle of the night once that woke me up and really scared me! I unplugged it, and I guess I forgot to plug it back in, lol!

The more accurate explanation (aside from just normal adult life busy-ness) is that I've been waiting for another shipment of the GameCube adapter so that I could play SSB4 with a proper controller! The Wii U Pro controller is surprisingly passable, but Nintendo created the greatest controller of all time 13 years ago with the Gamecube controller. Why change a winning formula?

I do not understand this company at all. There is an unbelievably high demand from serious Smash Brothers players wanting to use the Gamecube controller (with the adapter of course), yet Nintendo either refuses to acknowledge this, thinks they know better, or dropped the ball entirely. I'm predicting some sort of strange mix of all three.

It's always been frustrating being a Nintendo fan. They very much seem like a one-step-forward, two-steps-backwards company in my eyes. You almost have to be a masochist to continue being patient and be willing to put up with disappointment after disappointment. If it weren't for their unique and creative characters that I can't get out of my head to this day, I likely would have given up on them long ago.

So I guess MP10's release today was just an excuse to check in here with a written update. I was working on a large update over a year ago that would have really helped get some progress going. Unfortunately, I got sick in the middle of working on this update, and lost all that momentum. Sometime soon, I'm just going to have to get back on that horse (Yoshi?) and finish what I started!

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