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Super Mario Run Bowser Statue "Render" Created
June 25, 2017

Those keeping track of some of my more later updates may have remembered that I'm playing quite a lot of Super Mario Run these days. Not only is the game fun, but one day, an update revealed a new Bowser statue (or building as the game calls it) that contained a depiction of Bowser I have never seen anywhere before. It was a really awesome pose of his (the tough guy usually does cross his arms a lot), and a pretty high-quality artistic rendition as well. Over the last couple weeks/months, I have tried to find some sort of official render related to this in-game statue, but I was not able to. Finally, after being convinced no such thing exists, I took it upon myself to make one myself, by extracting it from the screenshot I took when I first unlocked it! I'm glad I took it when I did, as with the Level 20 Peach's castle I now have, the statue is always being visited by some pesky Toads!

A graphics artist I am not. In fact, my image editing skills may even be considered in the rank of "totally noob". I still use Paint Shop Pro 7 (released in the year 2000) to this very day, as it's the first image editor I got used to, and it is very intuitive to me. It was pretty tricky, but I had to zoom in on that Bowser statue in my screenshot, and pain-stakingly extract it pixel-by-pixel. It reminded me of a paleontolist unearthing a dinosaur, and separating bone from rock with a toothpick or toothbrush! Gosh, the work I will go through for my most favorite character of all time!

Below is my result. It is by no means official or canon. I replaced the black background with a white background, and added it to my Bowser Renders section (which is my most favorite section on The Bowser Shrine!) I have two versions, one of Bowser standing on the statue base, and another with him extracted from the statue as well:

Bowser Statue Base   Bowser Statue


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Bowser Powered


New Bowser Fan Screenshot
June 21, 2017

Jason Zimmerman emailed in a picture taken in Garry's Mod of Giga Bowser... resting on a cliff-face? I guess with scales as hard as his, this might even be considered comfortable!


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Bowser Powered


Proud Bowser

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