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The following is a library of fan fictions written by fans of Bowser Koopa. These stories are not official to Nintendo, nor are they official to Bowser's storyline. Instead they are fictional writings of the Mario universe.

Credit to the author is given at the beginning of every story. If you are interested in using somebody's fan fiction in whole or in part, it is strongly recommended to contact permission from the author first. I would also very much appreciate it if credit was given back to The Bowser Shrine and/or supported by a link if you like the fan writings library here. If you have your own fan fiction that you would like to submit to The Bowser Shrine, Contact me!

Bowser Story! by Josh Gonzalez
Bowser's Triumph by BoomerB157
Bowser Meets a Girl Red Yoshi by Stupid M M
Unsent Letters by Kevin Koopa

Bowser Story!

Author: Josh Gonzalez


Mario's theme music


It was a beautiful day in the land of The Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach was getting ready for the Mushroom Ball, fixing her hair and such. "I wonder how I should do my hair today" Princess Peach said to herself, as she was testing several hair styles. Toadsworth then wobbled himself into her room, short and old as always. "Princess Peach!" he exclaimed excitedly, "It's almost time for the ball!". He continued, then bowed, and rushed back to the party.

Princess Peach then looked at her hair that was long and down, the way she usually wears it. "This will do" Peach said to herself as she walked to the ball room. Princess Peach then, as usual, greeted and welcomed everyone. She then danced with random guests, awaiting the arrival of her sweetheart, Mario.

"Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! ... Doo! ..." Mario's theme song played as he entered the castle. Princess Peach smiled seeing Mario run in, and he walked over to her and offered her to dance. She accepted, and they had fun dancing, laughing, and enjoying their time together. "I'm so glad you came, Mario" Princess Peach said sweetly, as the sky started to get dark. "That's odd..." Princess Peach said, looking out the window, "It doesn't get this dark till later." Soon Princess Peach saw a familiar figure flying towards the castle; Bowser Koopa, who else? "Eeek!" Peach screamed, "Bowser's coming!". Everyone ran around in circles and screamed, except Mario, who took Princess Peach to safety. But before they could escape, Bowser crashed through the window.

"Peach, I told you to leave the window open next time" Bowser groaned, wiping glass out of his hair. "Wait, don't tell me it's Thursday already" she said concerned, "I thought you meant next Thursday!". "Well I did but I decided to come early!" He stomped towards her and Mario. "Well, then I wouldn't of known to open the window" she sighed. "Gah, er ... shut up!" Bowser yelled back, "Now, be a good princess and just come running into my arms!". "No way! You're icky." Princess Peach stood behind Mario. Mario just looked at Bowser, confident as ever "Aw, how cute, little Mario thinks he can take me on! Isn't he the little trooper?!" Bowser taunted. Mario gave Bowser a sharp glare before springing out to battle with Bowser. He simply started off with his famous jump, and stomped right on Bowser's head. Bowser took the hit, as he was used to being bonked on by now. Bowser just chuckled "Oh Mario, don't you think I'm used to this by now??", but Mario wasn't gonna give up. After a tiring spar of pouncing and flame dodging, Mario was getting tired. He looked at Bowser and realized that the Koopa King still looked ready to fight. "Well, I really think it's time to finish this!" Bowser stated. Mario looked upon, confused. Since when did BOWSER make the finish? Bowser grinned slyly then suddenly he shell-spinned up to Mario, knocking him back. Mario took the sudden attack by surprise, and before he could counter, Bowser dashed again and started shell-slamming him around. To put the cherry on top, Bowser fired what seemed to be his biggest spray of flame right at Mario. Everyone watched in horror at Bowser's sudden onslaught of Mario; and before they knew it, Mario fell down defeated... "OH YEAH! Who's your KOOPA KING!?" Bowser cheered, standing over a defeated Mario.

Where did Bowser's sudden flame come from? Has he been holding back all this time? Only the next chapter of the story may elaborate...


Bowser's Triumph

Author: BoomerB157

It had happened again. The spiny shelled King of the Koopas had kidnapped the beautiful Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Like always, the King of the Koopas only kidnapped her out of love. Was he trying to get her alone to ask her? Was this his way of showing his love? No one knows; not even the king himself. This very king I speak of is Bowser, the Princess being Princess Peach.

Bowser had kidnapped Peach several times before, but never once has he managed to hold her captive long enough to confess his love. He was always thwarted in his attempts by the red, hat-wearing, Italian plumber Mario. Bowser has always wondered why he can never defeat Mario. No matter how much he tried, he always failed. Then Bowser figured it out; it was in Mario's jump. It leaves him vulnerable with Bowser's strength. He can easily catch Mario's leg and slam him into the ground, from there it should be easy to win.

Bowser proceeded to confront Mario, having finally figured out his weakness. Mario fought valiantly, but in the end, Bowser had defeated him with his brute strength. Having finally achieved defeating Mario, Bowser was finally able to muster up the courage to confess his love to the princess. Shocked Peach was, too surprised to respond, after admitting that she was having troubles understanding Bowser's feelings for her. Bowser then let her go.

Peach went back to the Mushroom Kingdom and back to her room in the castle; however she found herself unable to sleep. Peach was confused and still surprised that Bowser loved her, and Peach began to wonder if she had feelings for him too. Peach went that whole night without rest until the morning, when she went back to the Koopa's castle, and confessed her love to Bowser.

Bowser Meets a Girl Red Yoshi

Author: Stupid M M

Characters (in order of appearance):

Baby Bowser 2
Rosa (Red Yoshi)
Courage (Black Yoshi)
Wasleen (White Yoshi)
Spinza (Pink Yoshi)
Boo 1
Boo 2
Boo 3
Boo 4
Koopa Kid

Part 1: Bowser lost again

One day, on a very sad day, Bowser just got back home from the grocery store. It's been 10 days since he was last defeated by Mario again. He was not about to give up on defeating Mario but, that sure doesn't mean he was going to try again now.

Bowser: Uh, another hard day of shopping and getting food for the kids.

Baby Bowser 2: Hi daddy! Do you have chocolate milk?

Bowser: *sighs* No son, I forgot to get some.

Baby Bowser 2: Daddy, what's wrong?

Bowser: Oh nothing, I'm just tired. It's been a long day. I going to bed early tonight.

Baby Bowser 2: Oh...

Later on that night, when everyone in Bowser's castle was sleep, someone knocked on Bowser's door very hard. Bowser sleepily walked down the steps to his front door and slowly opened it without asking who it was. When...

Mario, Peach, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy: HI LOSER!!

Bowser: *growls* What are you doing here?! Its 11:37 PM!

Peach: We are just here to congratulate you on failing to defeat Mario and take over the Mushroom Kingdom for the 10th time!

Bowser: (sadly) Can't this wait till morning?

Wario: No, because you are the most hated guy in the Mushroom Kingdom, ha!

Peach: Hardly anyone likes you either Wario.

Wario: Well at least I have my own game!

Peach: Which sucks!

Wario: Shut up blondy!

Peach: Well Mario, don't you have something to say to Bowser about your success?

Mario: I love CHEESE!!

Peach: Okaay. How bout you Daisy?

Daisy: He never kidnapped me. So I have nothing against him.

Peach: Some cousin you are.

Daisy: Peach, I hate you!

Peach and Daisy start fighting and Daisy beats her up to bits.

Peach: Waaaaaah! I'm telling Mario!!

Mario: I wanta chessa.

Peach: Mario, Daisy hurt me!

Mario: Huh? I Wanta Cheesa!

Peach: Mario!

Bowser stares at Mario and Peach as they were having their very weird conversation.


Peach: Okay Mario! I'll get you cheese!

Mario: (High pitch voice) Thank you!

Peach: (reluctantly) Your welcome. (normal) Well Bowser, do you give up?

Bowser: (angrily) NEVER!!

Peach: You'll never have me, I don't love you. (lying)

Bowser: I hate you Peach and I told you, I only kidnap you because Mario is stupid and it is the best way to trap him.

Peach: (disappointed) Oh...

Bowser: (sadly) Well, thanks for congratulating me. Have a great night, or not.

Bowser sadly stumps inside his castle and goes to sleep.

Part 2: Yoshi's friends

Down at Yoshi's island, Yoshi and his friends were having a picnic when one of his best Yoshi friends arrived at the picnic late. She was a red Yoshi and was incredibly beautiful and sad. She just got back from her local grocery store. Her name is Rosa.

Yoshi: What's wrong Rosa?

Rosa: (sadly) Oh nothing...

Courage: Aww Rosa, your too beautiful to be unhappy. I bet there are plenty of boy yoshies who want to go out with you, if that is the problem. Well, is it?

Rosa: Yeah, its Buster. He was supposed to take me out to dinner yesterday but he said he was too tired to.

Courage: I'll take you out Rosa.

A White girl yoshi walks up and stares out Courage.

Whasleen: (angrily) Oh really, Courage?

Courage: (surprised) Oh Whasleen! I didn't know you were coming to the picnic today.

Whasleen: I never miss any of Yoshi's picnics. You know that already Courage.

Yoshi: Well lets see who's here. Rosa, Courage, Whasleen, Sky and Orangoe.

Spinza: You forgot about me!

Yoshi: Sorry, Spinza and that reminds me, where is Buster now Rosa?

Rosa: (sadly) I'm not with him anymore.

Yoshi, Courage, Whasleen, Spinza, Orangoe: WHAT?!

Rosa: The last date we've been on was two weeks ago and that was the final straw. He did not want to pay for his food and the restaurant flooded. He also got in a fight with the waiter because he did not want the food he asked for.

Yoshi: How did the restaurant flood?

Rosa: I don't know. I heard a very loud angry voice in the kitchen.

Yoshi: Do you know who it was?

Rosa: No, but he did say that he waited 3 hours to get his spicy chicken and it wasn't spicy enough.

Yoshi: Oh, I know who that was. It has to be Bowser.

Rosa: What?

Courage: You don't know who Bowser is?

Rosa: No, who is he? Is he nice?

Yoshi, Courage, Whasleen: (silence) ... ... ...

Rosa: WHAT?!

Yoshi: Well, anyway lets eat, I didn't bring food for nothing.

Rosa: (angrily) You didn't answer my question!

Part: 3 Who is Bowser

After finishing the picnic, all the Yoshis went home and Rosa still wanted to know more about Bowser. So that night, Rosa went back to Yoshi's house and knocked on the door really hard.

Yoshi: What are you doing here, its really late.

Rosa: Who is Bowser?

Crickets are chirping

Yoshi: (silence) ... ... ...

Rosa: (angrily) WHO IS HE?!

Yoshi: ... ... ... He is Mario's long time nemesis. He has been trying to best him for years.

Rosa: (admiring) Ooooo he sounds dreamy. Is he a nice guy?

Yoshi: Well he is nice to me and the other yoshies but, he can't stand Mario and Peach.

Rosa: Is he a yoshi? What is he, a human?

Yoshi: NO! He is a Bowser or should I say he is a Koopa. King of the Koopa tribe.

Rosa: (admiring) A king huh? Mmmm, he does sound dreamy!

Yoshi: ... ... ... Hardly anyone likes Bowser and I don't know why. I think he's pretty cool. But Rosa, are you okay? You seem to ... ... ...

Rosa: *sighs*

Yoshi: (surprised) OOOOOKAAAAAAY... ... ... Bye, Rosa!

Yoshi hurries in his house and shuts the door.

Rosa: Hey this wouldn't be the same Bowser, that I played golf with, is it? Hey! Oh well.

Part 4: Bowser meets a girl red Yoshi

Rosa happily skips home dreaming about Bowser when she finally fell asleep. "Could it be love?" Rosa says in her sleep. "I've got to see him again." Rosa said in her sleep as she fell asleep for the rest of that night.

The following day, Rosa went to the store to get some food, and to her surprise she runs into to a strange looking gang of Boos that wanted to hurt her. She tries to run away from them and then drops one of her handkerchiefs as she entered a enclosed alley.

She was now trapped.

Boo 1: Got any last words, toots?

Rosa: (angrily) Toots?! WHO ARE YOU CALLING TOOTS?!

Boo 2: Grab her!

Rosa: *screams* Ah stop, let go of me you bums!

When it seemed things couldn't get any worse for Rosa, Bowser was strolling right near the ally and sees her handkerchief. He picks it up and suddenly hears yelling. He storms into the alley with the handkerchief still in his right hand and sees the red Yoshi and 4 Boos.


Rosa: (weakly) Huh? ... ... ...

Rosa notices her handkerchief in Bowser's hand.

Bowser: (angrily) YOU HEARD ME! PAWS OFF HER!!

Boo 4: What you going to do about it, chubby?!

Bowser: (furiously) CHUBBY?! That's it, you're going DOWN!!

Bowser scares all of the Boos with his anger and they fly away.

Bowser: Is this yours?

Bowser holds up Rosa's handkerchief. Rosa takes the handkerchief from Bowser, jumps in his arms, and kisses him.

Rosa: *kiss*

Bowser: *blushes* (nervously) Why did you do that for? ... ... ...

Rosa: (admiring) Bowser, I have liked you from the start. Thanks for saving me.

Bowser: (confused) Oh... uh... you're welcome...

Soon, they are overwhelmed with a long romantic silence. Both of them unable to speak. And then, Rosa says... ... ...

Rosa: (happily) Bowser, you are a great golfer. I've never seen such an awesome golfer!

Bowser: *smiles slightly* Well I have to say, your pretty good too.

Rosa: When you winked at me, I think I fell in... ... ...

Bowser: (surprised) Winked? I don't remember winking at you.

Rosa: *smiles* Yes you did, when I got an eagle at Hole 5.

Bowser: *blushes* W... what?

Rosa: (admires) I like where this is going. *smiles*

Bowser fakes a scary look and tries to intimidate Rosa but fails.

Bowser: Well, it was nice seeing you again, its been a very long time.

Rosa: (happily) Yes, a very long time, that I haven't seen another great guy like yourself. *smiles*

Bowser: *blushes* Uh, your being too kind to me. (reluctantly) Well I better be going, my kids will wonder where I am, bye.

Rosa: You have kids? Can I... ... ...

Part 5: Could it be love?

Before Rosa could ask Bowser anything else, he vanished; not to be seen in her presence, not to be seen anywhere. The next day, Bowser was troubled by many questions. "Why does she like me?", "What did I do to make her like me?", "Why isn't she afraid of me or tries to avoid me?". Bowser didn't have to worry about having a bad night sleep because she took his sorrow away for the moment. But, how much longer will his happiness last? We shall find out. After Bowser fed himself and his kids, his phone rang.

*Phone rings*

Bowser picks up the phone.

Bowser: Hello?

Mario: Hello, Bowser, wheres my cheesa?

Bowser: *sighs*

Mario: Huh? Wheres my Cheesa?!

Bowser: (silence) ... ... ...

Mario: (angrily) BOWSER, WHERES MY CHEESA?!

Bowser: What? I don't have any cheese for you! (angrily) Get lost!

Bowser hangs up the phone.

Bowser: Now, I have to think of another plan to defeat him and this time it is not going to just involve me. Its...

Before Bowser could finish talking about his next plan to defeat Mario, their was a knock at his door. Bowser slowly stepped to his front door and asked who it was even though he did not ask the last time.

Bowser: Who is it?

Stranger: Its me.

Bowser: Address your name, please.

Stranger: Its Rosa.

Bowser: I don't know anyone who's name is Rosa. (reluctantly) Don't come back.

Rosa: *giggles* Bowser, don't be like that. *smiles* I am the red Yoshi you saw yesterday. You know, the one who you didn't have to save from the Boo gang.

Bowser: (reluctantly) Oh, I normally don't have anyone trespassing so, please leave.

Rosa: But, I am very friendly Bowser and you know it!

Bowser: (angrily) PLEASE leave, I'm warning you!

While Bowser was arguing with Rosa who was outside the door, Bowser's son Koopa Kid came downstairs and thought Bowser was talking to the door.

Koopa Kid: Dad, what are you doing? The door isn't alive. *laughs*

Bowser: (angrily) I am not talking to the door! There is this stranger who won't leave!

Koopa Kid: Is it Mario? Is it Peach?

Rosa: (angrily) I am most certainly not Mario and Peach! I can't stand them!

Koopa Kid: Oh, it's a girl. Maybe its Daisy!

Rosa: I am a Yoshi!

Bowser: Koopa Kid, will you please go back up stairs?

Koopa Kid ignores his father and opens the door.

Bowser: (furious) I told you to go back upstairs!!

Koopa Kid: Oooo, your way prettier then Princess Peach! Dad, is this your girlfriend?

Rosa: *blushes* (admiring) Oh!

Bowser: *blushes* (angrily) No, she is a pain and a ...

Before Bowser could finish talking, Rosa quickly jumped in his arms and kissed him.

Rosa: *kiss*

Bowser: *sighs*

Koopa Kid: (surprised) Wow, dad! She really likes you!

Bowser: *blushes*

Rosa: *blushes* Mmmm so, what were you about to say Bowser? Oh yeah, sorry for kissing your father like that. I had to feel his lips pressed against mine's again.

Bowser: (silence)... ... ...

Koopa Kid: Um, Dad?

Bowser: *sighs* Um, I... ... ...

Before Bowser had time to say anything else, Rosa kissed him again!

Rosa: *kiss*

Bowser: *moans* *sighs* Oh, Rosa...

Rosa: (admiring) Yes? *smiles*

Koopa Kid: (silence)... ... ...

Bowser: Koopa Kid, will you please leave us alone for a sec?

Koopa Kid: ... ... ... (reluctantly) Oh, alright but, it was just getting interesting.

Koopa Kid reluctantly walks upstairs to his rooms and shuts the door.

Rosa: Now we are all alone. *smiles*

Rosa reaches up to Bowser and tries to kiss him again but, Bowser stops her by putting his hand to her mouth.

Bowser: *smiles slightly* Rosa, do you love me? We have known each other for practically just one month if you include Mario Golf.

Rosa: (silence) ... ... ...

Bowser: (silence)... ... ...

Rosa: (lovingly) Oh Bowser, I do love you, and it doesn't matter if we haven't known each other that long. When I first saw you, I knew you had something sweet about you. You look so handsome when you are not in despair. I look very ugly when I am unhappy. But you, I see pure beauty! *smiles*

Bowser: *smiles* Thank you! I have never met anyone who has said such nice things about me. And I have to say, you're the most beautiful girl yoshi I have ever seen.

Rosa: *blushes* Aww thanks! You are a darling! I have always wanted a boyfriend who is not a Yoshi, who's big and strong, who's brave and most of all has a sweet and hard personality.

Bowser: *smiles* You're pretty hard yourself! You weren't such a fraidy-girl with those Boos.

Rosa: Bowser, can I be your girl? I'll make sure no one upsets you! I'm sick and tired of Mario, enslaving us all the time. Peach is just a punk who goes after a guy who can hardly speak English. *smiles* Please, I'll take care of you.

Bowser: *smiles* Yes, but let's keep it a secret okay?

Rosa: *smiles* Sure!

So Bowser and the Red Yoshi decided to take chances. But, do you think Mario and the rest of the gang will find out Bowser is dating a red Yoshi? Will their love last? Find out next time on Bowser Meets a Girl Red Yoshi Part: 2.

Unsent Letters

Author: Kevin Koopa

He carefully opened the box to reveal them. All of them. Each in their own carefully prepared envelopes, all reading the same address. And never did he send one; any of them.

The large koopa gave a deep sigh as he flipped through each of them in the dim candlelight. In dismay he slowly set them back down and looked out of the dark window beside him, staring at the tiny shining stars that seemed to stick to the midnight sky, as if they had been taped on. It looked so fake to him. The nightly sky was supposed to give the refreshing feeling of love, was it not? A real love, not this... this thing that he was feeling.

Still watching them, the determination seemed to rise again within him. He wanted to tell her everything. Anything and everything he could - so that she would know, she would know it all. He courageously pulled out another piece of paper and laid it down with as much perfection as he could and got his writing utensil ready again. In the neatest writing he swore he had even done, he wrote:

Princess Peach,

I know that in the past I have caused many problems for you, your friends, and the rest of your kingdom. I have done these deliberately and of course I am in the wrong for doing so.

I also know that this may all sound so incredibly strange to you, but I just could not help but let you know... let you know...

The reason why I am so persistent. I have antagonized you for years, you have been taken prisoner against your will upon many occasions mostly by me; I think I should finally tell you the reason why I have and continue to do these things...

I am... and always will be... attracted by your beauty. And not just that, but your personality in general. Such a kind and delicate creature, you are loved by all - even people who will use you. I never want that to be, never, never!

That is why I do it. I never want you to be used by some betraying individual or a vile group of horrible beings like that. I myself may be one, but I am not one to use you in a terrible way - honestly. I want to love you, I want you to love me... I want you all to myself. Your beauty, your kindness, your sweet air that seems to follow you wherever you go, whatever you do, everything.

I have never had the bravery to ever tell you this, but I do now. I do now and I want you to see it, I want you realise it, I want you to please take it into consideration even if I am a... a monster.

I love you.

- King Bowser

It was done again. He folded it up carefully, making every crease in the paper error-free. He then slid the folded letter into a fresh envelope, sealed it, and then like all the others wrote the same address.

He would do it. He would send it to her. Then maybe she would see, she would love him back. She would come to live with him; they would live together forever and die together. Everything would be perfect and he would no longer be lonely.

"He looks very intimidating, but really he's very sweet!" she would say, and no one would be scared of him. People would like him, all because she was kind and loving to him. Smiling, he looked back at the envelope. That was when reality hit him and his broad smile was suddenly forced into a frown. She would never love him. He was too hideous to be loved. He was too evil to be nice, too evil to have feelings, too evil to love and be loved; too evil for everything they did out there.

He hesitated, and then while sighing again, he set it on top of all the other envelopes and carefully placed all of them into the shining box, locking it shut and tucking it away. He would send it eventually, all of them. All of these unsent letters had the most important thing he had to say, all of them to her.

And he still could not muster up the courage to tell her that he loved her, even in a stupid letter.

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